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Oct 08, 2021
Built a React App
Used Tailwind CSS
Used GraphQL
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I built a new React App to replace the frontend on the companies CRM & Scheduling Application.

This new version made use of TailwindCSS and incorperated a lot of improvements to the user experiance that came from running the old version for the last 2 years.
Technical Manager, Ed-IT Solutions (UK) Ltd.
Sep 28, 2018
Designed a Backend System
Designed a front-end app
I built a CRM system for Ed-IT Solutions that was tailored to our unique needs.

It was built from the ground up to focus on the data that we needed as engineers on site.

It provides a space to store customer details, notes, server details and passwords (through typeorm-encrypted-column). Since this release it has been expanded to track and schedule visits, log updates to the schools MIS, and track regular maintenance tasks.

I built it using TypeORM, Apollo GraphQL and React.
Technical Manager, Ed-IT Solutions (UK) Ltd.
May 01, 2020
Built a React App
Built a GraphQL API
I designed, built, and deployed a new GraphQL API and React Application to manage the companies stock.

It pulls in customers, suppliers, quotes and purchase from Xero so we can track items through purchase, delivery, allocation and supply.

This gives us long term tracking of all items and stock levels.
Technical Manager, Ed-IT Solutions (UK) Ltd.